After graduating from The Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2003 with a BFA, emphasis in painting, I remained active in the arts community through exhibiting locally in galleries such as the Phyllis J. Weston / Annie Bolling Gallery, Cincinnati Art Galleries, AEC Gallery, Semantics and the Harvest Gallery among a few. I was Gallery Director and Curator of the 537 Gallery (2001-2009) which included exhibition planning, installation, and public relations. I continue to work as an independent curator.

As a member of the Alumni Council (2003-2019) and President of the Alumni Association of The Art Academy of Cincinnati (2007-2010), I was active in fund raising for student scholarships. Organizing biannual Beaux Balls, alumni exhibitions, and activities which enhance the student experience and scholarship fundraising are a driving force in my volunteer work.

Being a wife, mother, grandmother, and registered nurse, all inform my work in the various ways. The environments of all these roles merge to create my style of investigation in painting and sculpture.